Another system update
Another technical update plus some minor tweaks.
System update
No new features but in the past weeks we have updated the system to increase security and maintainability.
System status page
We added a system status page.
Status page
Now you can create your personal status page that publicly show your status. Just click on the Status Page link in the top navigation and follow the instructions.
Anti SPAM measure
We have been forced to add a text captcha to the sign up form to prevent the creation of SPAM accounts.
Notice copy
Now it is possible to quickly create new notices as copies of existing ones.
New foreseen mode

Now it's possible to choose two different modes for your notices:

  • the unforseen mode works as usual, the intended recipient will receive the message without any prior communication;
  • the foreseen mode inverts the roles, the intended recipient is immediately informed that there is a message for them and has to request access to it.

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