The service

The service is essential: we provide a way to allow you to accomplish some final tasks after you've passed away.

How it works

  1. you sign up;
  2. you set up your notices. Every notice has an intended recipient, a subject and a message;
  3. you can choose between an unforeseen notice and a foreseen notice, depending on the situation;
  4. for an unforeseen notice, you will periodically be alerted that we are going to send it. If you are still alive then you must explicitly cancel the delivery, otherwise it will be performed;
  5. for a foreseen notice, the recipient is immediately informed that there is a pending message. If something happen to you, they can ask to see the notice, at this point you will be alerted and, if you are still alive, you can reject the request;
  6. of course you can modify or delete your notices at any moment;
  7. bonus point: we also allow you to publish a page that shows your current status.

Who needs this

There are various use cases. Just a few examples:

  • you feel in danger and you want people to know that your incident was probably organized by your wife;
  • or, the contrary, your wife needs to know how to withdraw money from you secret Swiss bank account;
  • the thought that you will not be able to reply to the emails accumulating in your inbox makes you uncomfortable, therefore you want somebody to be able to answer on your behalf and explain what happened.

You can browse more samples or sign up to set up your notice right now!


It is free but we may annoy you with ads in web pages and emails (but that's not the case at the moment).

Terms, conditions and reliability

The service is provided "as available" and "as is" and we disclaim all warranties. We'll do our best to make and keep Postumo.Info reliable but there is no guarantee. Check the system status page to know how trustworthy it is right now.

Privacy and security

Currently we are not using any cryptography so, if you care, you should not put any sensitive information in your notices. You can easily work around this limitation storing your secret data in a safe place and write in your notices how to recover them.


For any kind of feedback, send us an email:, we love to hear from you.

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